First Foods
Navigating the Transition to Solid Foods

90-Minute Class

A comprehensive infant feeding + nutrition class that will leave you feeling fully confident about how, when, and what to feed your infant to promote healthy nutrition behaviors for life.

What + how you feed your baby from the beginning is important — these choices can shape long-term preferences + attitudes toward food. Whether you’re just considering the transition, just starting to introduce solids or baby-led weaning, or already a couple months into the journey, this evidence-based, comprehensive class will give you the direction + clarity to make the weaning journey mindful, safe and enjoyable right from the start.

  • The class will cover:
  • When and how to start your baby on solids
  • What foods to serve to ensure proper nutrition
  • How to incorporate your baby into family meals
  • How to decrease risk of food allergies
  • Scheduling and milk feeding
  • Choking hazards and how to keep your baby safe
  • Product recommendations

About the instructor:
Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN is a renowned dietitian nutritionist who specializes in maternal, infant and child nutrition. With over 10 years of experience as a nutrition and wellness expert, Jessica works with parents-to-be, new parents, infants and children on all aspects of nutrition and eating behaviors using a whole food foundation. With her warm and compassionate personality, Jessica has successfully transformed families’ eating behaviors and relationship with food to foster healthier children, parents and families.

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