Pediatric CPR + Home Safety
In partnership with Save a Little Life

$140 per couple / $75 per individual
One 2 1/2-Hour Class

A course designed for expecting parents, parents of young children, and other child caregivers (grandparents, nannies, etc.). Learn evidence-based life saving techniques in a simple and easily understandable way. Topics covered include airway obstruction removal, home safety, and best response to many common household emergencies.

Class begins with an essential review of safe practices in the home to lower risk of common household accidents. Students will also receive crucial information on the basics of airway obstruction and instruction on how to remove an obstruction.

A discussion of what CPR is, and under what circumstances it may be required, is next, followed by a demonstration of the basic skills.

Life-sized mannequins are provided to each participant. The instructor will then assist them in becoming familiar with the skill set by introducing various scenarios in which a parent might find themselves.

Classes are for parents and caregivers. We are not able to accommodate infants or children in class.

A Letter of Completion issued by Save A Little Life and signed by the instructor is available upon request only.

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