Birth Doula Services
In-Person Labor Support

Pricing + Tiers Based on Experience
  • Services Include:
  • Two prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited phone + email communication
  • Labor and delivery support
  • A follow-up visit one week postpartum

A Birth Doula’s Role
Birth doulas provide non-medical prenatal support to individuals and families throughout pregnancy, LOOM doulas are selected for their expertise and range of experience.

Why Birth Doulas Work
Birth doulas have been directly correlated with increasing the overall satisfaction of birth experiences and reducing the need for interventions during birth.

Doula Match
Our three-step matching process begins with us assessing your unique needs, preferences, and budget. Next, we send you a doula referral shortlist where you can then schedule phone calls or in-person interviews. Lastly, you choose your doula! Because we work with a small pool of fantastic doulas, we recommend hiring a birth doula within six months of your delivery date.

Pricing + Tiers
LOOM doula pricing ranges from $1000 - $3000 and our doulas are allocated into three simple tiers:

Rising: $1000
Established: $2000
Senior: $3000

The tiers are reflective of their experience, skill set and our internal evaluation process.LOOM doulas receive equitable compensation for their services and we only deduct a 10% matching fee. The bulk of your payment goes directly to your doula.

Get Matched

Doula matching is dependent on availability. If you'd like to be matched with a doula, we suggest you submit your preferences at your earliest possible convenience.
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