Infant Feeding Basics
Breast/Chestfeeding. Bottles. Supplementation.

$125 per couple
One 2.5-Hour Class

**COVID-19 UPDATE: All LOOM classes will be conducted remotely via Zoom during this time.**
A link to join a virtual class will be shared with registrants in advance of class time.

Stay safe + see you on the internet!

In this interactive class, you will discover infant feeding fundamentals to help you get off to the right start. In addition to exploring breastfeeding and/or chestfeeding, we will unpack alternative strategies such as milk-sharing/donor milk and formula feeding. Individuals who are not planning or are unable to breastfeed and/or chestfeed are welcome and encouraged to attend. Partners are also encouraged to attend.

  • We’ll Cover:
  • the science of breastfeeding/chestfeeding
  • establishing a milk supply
  • feeding positions
  • pumping & bottling strategies
  • milk sharing + donor milk
  • safe formula & supplementing
  • partner involvement
  • support strategies

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