Mind + Breath + Body
Meditation, Breathwork, Self-Hynosis + Movement Tools for Labor

$175 per couple
One 2 1/2-Hour Class

Through visualizations, meditative tools, and movement, Mind Breath Body will help prepare you for an empowered birth experience. Deep breathing, supportive community and a soft reframing of ideas can help you de-escalate any potential fears, and bring you into a state of personal strength and readiness for birth.

Nearly 80 percent of pregnant people have fear and anxiety surrounding birth, many have fears so great it can be overwhelming and debilitating to process by themselves. Research has been limited in providing an understanding of root causes and how to approach these various feelings. Most professionals agree however, that a supportive community, combined with meditative tools to dismantle fear and anxiety can provide some relief.

Mind Breath Body helps you reframe any unsupportive ideas and can provide an empowered approach to your birth. This class is a perfect supplement to Prepped for those looking to enhance and deepen their comfort measures for labor.

  • We’ll Cover:
  • effective visualizations
  • simple meditative techniques
  • three part breathing
  • how to practice techniques with your partner/labor support

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