Prepped: Accelerated
One Day Childbirth Education Class

$375 per couple
One 6-Hour Class

Not much time to spare, but need the essentials? In this accelerated version of Prepped: The Series, in one class you’ll cover all the information you need to help prepare you for birth and the first few days of early parenthood.

Wherever you are choosing to birth (hospital, home, or birth center) and however you are thinking about birthing (unmedicated, medicated, or cesarean), we encourage and support all of your individual preferences and make room for everyone’s process.

We’ll Cover:

  • Labor Basics
  • stages of labor
  • interventions and inductions
  • cesarean birth
  • expectations: for hospital, home birth, or birthing center
  • birth preferences
  • Labor Comfort Techniques
  • medicated comfort: epidurals and other options
  • unmedicated comfort: breathing, movement & massage
  • The First 48 Hours After Birth
  • newborn care procedures and newborn behaviors
  • key insights for parents during the first few days

Check our calendar for upcoming class dates.

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