to Pregnancy, Parenting
and Reproductive Wellness
for All.

September 2017

• Los Angeles •

Who We Are

With a focus on the complete reproductive cycle, pregnancy, and parenting, LOOM provides evidence-based education, modern services, and inclusive community to all.
Our home is a community hub in Los Angeles. We exist to be an inclusive, inviting, and judgement-free space for both birth and non-birth outcomes, and offer group classes, individual coaching, doula services, and cultural events. Membership is required for our Expecting or Parenting pathways. All other pathways do not require a membership.
Whether you are reproductively curious, pregnant, or new-to-parenting, come build your community, access resources, and demystify the next chapter with a little guidance from us.

A Member

LOOM is revolutionizing pathways around the reproductive journey, and we want to meet you.
Are you currently expecting or parenting a child under 24 months?
For $200 annually, you can beat the rush and join our growing community as a founding member today.



We’ve bundled up our classes, services, and events into pathways based on membership requirements and where you might be in the process. Our focus spans from reproductive wellness through to 24 months after having a child.


Not Expecting or Parenting? Cool.

Don't worry, we’ve got stellar stuff for you, no membership required.
Check out our non-member pathways, and sign up for THE SPOOL, our newsletter for folks w/o kids. Youʼll receive more information on classes, services and events surrounding fertility, sex, relationships, and other reproductive wellness curiosities.
Our newsletter for folks w/o kids.

Our Hub

LOOM boasts thoughtfully-designed interiors and an outdoor garden in which you can work and gather between participating in classes and services. We’re located in Mid-City, right in the of Los Angeles.


We strive to uplift the collective good and work to strengthen the community through empowering the individual.

We challenge extremism and essentialism. LOOM is a place where intersectional values, resources, knowledge and community coexist. Individuality is in. Dogma is out.

We draw from an evidence-based curriculum and operate through affirmation and exploration. We avoid bias and prescriptions by staying open and flexible. We’re here to be informed by you.

We are eliminating stigma and shame from all reproductive, parenting and pregnancy discourse. We believe in the fundamental right to support and resources for both birth and non-birth outcomes.

You’ve got this. Weave got you. We approach our classes and services with a careful balance of evidence and intuition—we empower our clients to trust themselves.

We believe in supporting choice around all reproductive and birth preferences, including family structure and parenting philosophies. You decide if, when, and how.

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