MAFS Doula Services
Support for Miscarriage, Abortion, Fetal Anomalies and Still Birth

  • Services Include:
  • 2 90-minute virtual/phone sessions
  • Unlimited communication via email or text until menses returns
  • Emotional and informational support before and after pregnancy or reproductive-related loss
  • Insights on relaxation and stress relief techniques
  • Aftercare information and referrals to synergistic medical, mental and energetic services

MAFS Doula’s Role
MAFS doulas are trained to help support people through miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal anomalies and abortion. At LOOM, we believe that people deserve access to supportive services for both deliberate and spontaneous reproductive outcomes. Support that is without shame or philosophical dogma. MAFS Doulas create a safe and informed space, equipped with support and resources.

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