LOOM is weaving together uncommon threads and exists to provide education and community that empowers people throughout their reproductive, pregnancy and parenting journey.

Celebrating inclusivity and choice, LOOM is an entirely new approach to the health education experience. We are curious and dynamic, challenging the conventional and making space for individual instincts and the latest research.



We strive to uplift the collective good and work to strengthen the community through empowering the individual.


We challenge extremism and essentialism. LOOM is a place where intersectional values, resources, knowledge and community coexist. Individuality is in. Dogma is out.


We employ trained experts, draw from an evidence-based curriculum, and operate through affirmation and exploration. We are never dogmatic, biased, or prescriptive.


We are working to eliminate stigma and shame from all reproductive and parenting discourse. We also believe in the importance of providing support and resources for both birth and non-birth outcomes.


Our clients know what’s best for them. LOOM approaches our classes and services with a careful balance of evidence and intuition—we empower and trust our clients so that they can learn to empower and trust themselves.


We believe families come in all forms, and that mothers, partners, folxs and parents play an equal, integral and empowered role.